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The Contracted Wind Of Northern Europe And Japan Have Why To Distinguish?
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The contracted wind of northern Europe and Japan have why to distinguish?

"Have a good reason for existence is", for the existence of differences, their roots from the source, the most representative and persuasive: Nordic abundant natural resources, sparsely populated, the race is tall, climate condition is relatively poor, northern europeans, on the whole, life is dull Japan's natural resources are scarce, densely populated, race is relatively small, four seasons climate comfortable obvious - is rich in entertainment, lifestyle these corresponds to the design of material preference, using the way of the space, product volume, and appeal of different products.Japanese contracted the most like to use is in the design of wood and fabric, the Nordic people in the extensive use of wood at the same time also don't mind using stainless steel with leather and glass, and even raw fur and head makes decoration, because it is relatively easy for northern europeans or common material.Japanese contracted in extremely pay attention to receive and hide unnecessary things, Nordic design is paid more attention to show than Japanese more personality, because per capita residential area have a large gap between the two places.The size of the space difference, through a Muji and the propaganda of boreal Europe amorous feelings of atlas model can see out.Product size, the Japanese have a tendency to do things the more smaller, compared with the Nordic design is "bold", note that is not a "rough", the height of the detail keep far straightforward, almost see still fine.Size differences from the two people's physique, yao's clothes to let small four, after all is not fit...The design of boreal Europe rich in color than the Japanese many times.Northern europeans in the surfaces of polar night, most people will have different degrees of depression, don't like some color see see, estimates that all can't live...And Muji is obviously "enough is enough" Japanese public live flesh, to nature, color choices tend to nature, to avoid high purity color, to retain the essence of material...

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